National scientific conference on the topic: With their help the Bulgarians were free

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Perushtitsa Historical Museum invites you to join a National Scientific Conference on:

With their help the Bulgarians were free (Bulgarian weapons from antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times)

Perushtitsa, November 13 and 14, 2020

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Veselina Vachkova

Until the middle of the 20th century, Bulgarian freedom repeatedly depended in the first place on the ability of our people to fight for it with weapons in hand. The aim of the Conference is to present the peculiarities of the Bulgarian armament in different epochs of our history. These features vary not only over time but also in different regions. Therefore, we strongly hope that parts or entire museum collections of weapons, certain rare and / or specific weapons, descriptions of military techniques, etc. will be presented at the conference.

Thematic directions:

- Ancient weapons (emphasis on local Thracian armaments)

- Weapons in the Bulgarian lands in the Middle Ages

- Armament of the Bulgarians in the epoch of the National Liberation Movement and the Russian-Turkish Liberation War 1877-1878.

- Firearms of the Bulgarian soldiers from the 19th - 20th century

Important deadlines:

1. Applications for participation in the attached registration form and summary / in Bulgarian and English, up to 1000 characters / - until June 15, 2020.

2. Sending of the finished materials - by October 10, 2020.

Technical requirements for the reports:

- Format: MS Word 98 (PS) or later

- Font: Times New Roman 12 pt.

- Spacing: 1.5 lines

- Text: Justified

- Referances: At the end of the main text (Endnote), Text - 10 pt., Number format: 1,2,3,...

- Images to be in TIF Format, resolution 300

- Total volume: up to 15 pages with images


The authors are responsible for the content and spelling of the reports. In case you envisage a multimedia presentation when presenting them, please announce in advance the need for technical means. Email address for sending registration forms, reports and applications: The collection of reports will be published by February 20, 2021. The costs during the conference in Perushtitsa are borne by the participants themselves. On November 13 / Friday / dinner and overnight are provided by the organizers. In connection with the created emergency situation for protection against the spread of COVID-19 IM Perushtitsa is ready to hold the conference online. Request Registration form