Multimedia presentation of Svetla Vodenicharova, dedicated to Dr. Todor Krastev

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On the occasion of the Independence Day of Bulgaria on September 22, 2018 at 11 am in Dan's school - Perushtitsa Svetla Vodenicharova will present a multimedia presentation dedicated to Dr. Todor Krastev.

Todor Krastev was born in 1864 in the village of Perushtitsa. He studied at his home school with teachers Petar Bonev, Dimitar Lachkov and Tashko Mimidichkov. His two older brothers took part in the defense in April 1876. He graduated from the seventh grade of the Regional Real High School in 1885. From 1887 he enrolled to study law in Brussels and graduated with a doctorate in 1892.

Returning to Bulgaria from 1892 to 1895, he worked as a judge in the Sofia District Court and was a member of the Plovdiv Court of Appeal. In 1898 Todor Krastev received a permanent residence in Plovdiv. He maintained good relations with his high school teacher Petko Karavelov and became a member of the Democratic Party.

Todor Krastev began to spread democratic ideas in his native Perushtitsa in 1892. His legal career began in Plovdiv from 1895 to 1908. During this period, the city already has Perushtitsa Street. Since 1893 he has been a correspondent for the Zname and Pryaporets newspapers. He was also co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Narodna Duma newspaper in 1907.

Dr. Todor Krastev was elected Member of Parliament in the 14th / 1908-1911 / and 15th / 1911-1913 / National Assemblies. At the very first session of the National Assembly, a decision was made and a decision was made to grant aid to the church in Perushtitsa. Based on his established authority, he received the trust to take over the Ministry of Justice in the cabinet of Alexander Malinov /16.01.1908-05.09.1910/ The most important act of this government was the declaration of independence of Bulgaria on 22.09.1908.

In the second cabinet of Malinov Dr. Todor Krastev was elected Minister of Agriculture and Trade /05.09.1910-16.03.1911 /. Due to the heavy workload, he fell ill and after a visit to Vienna with Prime Minister Malinov, he remained for a short treatment in Italy. He returned and took over the ministry again on January 13, 1911.

Despite his involvement in politics, Dr. Todor Krastev is actively involved in the public life of Perushtitsa. Under his leadership and editorship, a statute of the "April 27" committee and an Appeal of 1911 were prepared and adopted on February 6, 1908. For the preservation of the memory of April people. In 1910, the Magistrate's Court was already functioning. He supports the mayor and his fellow party member Radyu Danev in the decision for water supply of the village, which they implement for one year. With a recommendation, the municipal council also adopts a decision to prepare a plan of the settlement. With his assistance, a Credit Cooperative was formed in 1908, and in January 1909 an Agricultural Savings Loan Company also functioned.

After the resignation of the government of Alexander Malinov, Dr. Todor Krastev resumed his practice.

On July 22, 1914, Todor Krastev died in the village of Narechino, Stanimushko region. He was buried in the Plovdiv Central Cemetery. On the plaque, his relatives ordered the following to be written: "The most honest and modest man."

Text: Svetla Vodenicharova