Cinema in the museum "With love and tenderness"

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Cinema in the museum "With love and tenderness"

On 16.06. 2022 from 5:30 p.m. in the lobby of IM Peruštitsa - Cinema in the museum - "With love and tenderness". The only, not only Bulgarian, feature film created for an emblematic artist, who performs the main role and presents his own work to the audience. 1978

Screenplay: Valeri Petrov

Director: Rangel Valchanov

Cinematographer: Dimko Minov

Music: Kiril Donchev

Starring: Alexander Dyakov, Tsvetana Eneva, Gergana Gerasimova, Evgenia Barakova, Yosif Sarchadjiev and others.


"The film comes to restore an old creative tandem - between screenwriter Valeri Petrov and director Rangel Valchanov, associated with the first rise of Bulgarian cinema. At the center is the problem of the social and human realization of talent. The difficulty of finding one's environment, the impossibility of merging with her, to be needed, turn the hero of the film into a dramatic character. The most impressive part and core of the film is the celebration scene, in which the artist celebrates the success, the sale of the sculpture and thanks for the help of the people in the environment. But at the same time he mourns the concession he was forced to make, forgives himself with the creation of his life.'


Ivaylo Znepolski