Cinema in the Museum - Documentary "Christo"

от: 2019-11-19 12:00    до: 2019-11-20 12:00

On 19.11.2019 from 17.00 in the lobby of IM Perushtitsa we will present the documentary "Christo", which is part of the donations to the Museum video archive by Mr. Yordan Detev.


Hristo Vladimirov Yavashev (known as "Christo") is an American sculptor and artist of Bulgarian origin, who became famous together with his wife Jean-Claude de Giebon with his original spatial art installations, wrapping various objects with fabric - from typewriter and telephone to whole buildings, islands and even the coast. His works include the packaging of the Reichstag building in Berlin and the oldest bridge in Paris, the stretching of 38-kilometer canvas curtains in California and the installation of canvas portals in Central Park in New York.