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The film "Spirit and Matter" is a touch of the embodied spirit in the works of the believer in God sculptor Alexander Dyakov, regardless of whether these works are realized in public space or are realized only as easel sculptures. The author of works with universal moral messages has become a legend of artistic life and Sofia bohemianism from the second half of the last century. Separate touches in upholding the principles in his creative path mark the social and life views that shape the unique personality of Alexander Dyakov.

Alexander Dyakov graduated in sculpture at the Mikhail Katz Academy of Arts in 1958. Since 1958 he has been a member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers and since 1977 of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers. He received the first prize from the First Youth Exhibition (1961) for his work "Straight Figure". He was awarded the Order of Cyril and Methodius II degree and the title "Academician". He works in the field of monumental sculpture, and his works are owned by NHG, SGHG and many other galleries in Bulgaria.

In his work he strives for expressiveness and the creation of generalized images with a deep emotional and plastic sound, radiating conciseness and characteristic creative handwriting. His creative path is dotted with monumental - decorative projects for park sculpture and monuments, participation in joint exhibitions and biennials at home and abroad (Paris, Venice, Ravenna, Antwerp, Australia). His monuments are located in parks in different places in the country - Sofia, Silistra, Kaynardzha, the most famous of which is "To those who fell for freedom" in Burgas.

Alexander Dyakov was a republican boxing champion in 1952. He was an artist-director of the films: "Chronicle of Feelings" -1961, "The Chain" -1964. and "Memory of the Twins" - 1976 with director - Lyubomir Sharlandzhiev; "The Wolf" -1965 by director Rangel Valchanov; "Maybe the frigate" - 1981 and many others. Alexander Dyakov is the lead actor in the 1978 film With Love and Tenderness, directed by Rangel Valchanov and written by Valeri Petrov.