The monument of the three generations

There is positively nobody of the deceased in this marble coffin. And it is definitely not an empty grave (cenotaph) of one person. Why does the ceiling of the dungeon in which it is housed have an opening like in the missile launch silos? Yes, amazing data on ancient mysterious practices are laid in the huge Monument of the Three Generations, erected on the hill Vlasevitsa just above the city.

A stone pyramid has been erected on the Vlasevitsa hill just above Perushtitsa. On a memorial plaque embedded in it are written the names of the three parliamentarians killed in the back by the Bashibozuk hordes that surrounded the insurgent Perushtitsa in the last week of April 1876: Rangel Archiev, Mito Popov and Stamen Karmov. But not their bones are laid in the marble coffin. As in the sacred tombs of the Thracians, there are no remains of the dead inside. In the attic of the basement, where it is housed, there is an opening as in the silos for launching missiles. But only seemingly the hole is a simple cylinder.

Its walls are powerfully divided into eight sectors, and this makes it a covert octagon, opening up the magical space for transitions between our world and dimensions accessible to the deified, initiates, souls of the righteous and sheltered sufferers of the saving faith.

This wonderful building is not long gone. But it is also a materialized image of ancient knowledge that lives in the memory of our DNA. When a sensitive man with a far-sighted mind and a heart responsive to the deaf but powerful vibrations of the omnipresent mystery of the cosmic reconstructing mystery stands before him, he will understand the astonishing knowledge of the ancient initiates - that this sarcophagus is the symbolic point beneath the astonishing. rises to the heavens with the spirits of the ascended heroes of the heroes, who managed to prove that freedom, valor, loyalty, honor, dignity and courage outlive even the life.

These significant data on ancient mysterious practices are laid in the 23-meter-high Monument to the Three Generations, erected on the hill Vlasevitsa just above the city. It was opened in 1976 for the 100th anniversary of the city's participation in the April Uprising. Its architects are Lyubomir Shinkov and Vladimir Rangelov, and the sculptor is Lyubomir Dalchev. Three sculptural groups, with a total length of over 60 m, recreate scenes from the liberation struggle and the subsequent struggles for social equality in a just social order.

After the political changes in 1989, the red star was removed from the top of the monument. The three-ton bronze wreath, which covered the symbolic ossuary of the heroes, was taken away by scoundrels with guaranteed irresponsibility. But on the trestle of stairs, which starts from the school of Danov, because it symbolically expresses the historical rise of Perushtitsa from the Renaissance to the present day, people continue to walk with souls ready to rise. From the top, which can be reached by car, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the surrounding sacred sites.