The fateful role of rock sanctuaries

According to the Bogomil cosmogony, after Satan, who rebelled against his Father, was expelled from Heaven, he created and conquered the Earth with the rebellious former angels, so he decided to cultivate a secessionist kingdom with his adored and serving civilization. However, when he made the man and the woman, he failed to revive them and asked God for help. The Almighty sent two angels to breathe life into them, but the Ripper brought them into the breathless human bodies.

This man turned out to be God's at the same time, so that - according to the agreements reached during the rebellion, Satanail was the Demiurge of the Earth, it was right for the Almighty to look for an opportunity unsuspected by His seditious son to secretly watch over people's souls. The divine decision came with the abundance of silicon on our planet - it occupies 27.6 - 29.5 percent of the mass of the earth's crust! It is very secretive - it does not exist in the free state, but in the form of silicon dioxide(colorless crystals with high hardness and strength) and some other compounds with which it is the main building block of soil, clay, rocks and sand, ie. of almost everything in the inanimate nature around us. Although our ancient ancestors knew it as flint (Latin silicis means flint), it was first isolated in pure form only in 1823 by the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius. Then it became clear that at normal temperature it is a solid with a crystalline structure in gray-black color with a metallic luster.

The secret approach to God

The special part of the secret about silicon is that it is the closest chemical analogue of carbon with all the ensuing consequences - naturally and with the greatest variety of valences after it! We are a creation of hydrocarbon compounds, and of the other elements, only silicon atoms can combine with each other like ours to form long strands that resemble DNA - including the ability to copy the original structure when creating new ones.

We now know that even the sorting of hydrocarbon compounds with a certain isometry in the prebiotic "soup" took place on the surface of silicates. Under the leadership of Joseph Lambert, a group of scientists from Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, discovered that in prehistoric Earth, the first biological carbon molecules in RNA could be formed from simple organic molecules in the presence of silicate ions that do not not only accelerated the reactions, but also stabilized their unstable products. And silicates are part of the clay rocks and are found everywhere on Earth, so such reactions could have occurred quite actively.

Amazing kinship

It seems that this is the divine way in which the Almighty has built his secret relationship with people. Numerous studies have found that the highest concentration of silicon is in the human embryo. Scientists are still undecided on how many grams of silicon it is right for the human body to contain. The prevailing opinion is that there are about 7. Some researchers prefer to look for its percentage in the body and refer to the spectral analysis, which assigns it 4.7 percent. It is believed that it is concentrated mainly in the nails, kidneys, bones, tendons and aortic walls. It is found in breast milk, in red blood cells, in the liver, spleen and lungs. In the growing organism, where its most important systems are still being built, it is he who ensures the connection between the brain and the other organs in the body by managing the proper growth of man and his development. It affects the conduction of nerve fibers and is responsible for the functions of some brain structures, taking care to supply energy to the area responsible for control and coordination in space. It is not only a kind of "elastane", which provides the flexibility of blood vessels, but also performs in them the role of a device that "listens" to the commands of the brain and executes them by contracting or expanding them depending on the needs of the body…

The architects of heaven


As soon as this foundation was laid, the messengers of God arrived here, whom our ancestors called deer, deer people, debtors, longuri ...

To this day, in the high Western Rhodopes northeast of the village of Sarnitsa near the Dospat dam, there is the Longurlii area, inscribed with this name even on Russian military topographic maps. There is a living legend that there the debtors once met with representatives of the Thracians from the satyrs (the famous and never conquered autocrats from the Southwestern Rhodopes), the Besis (of the priestly family, who were entrusted with the most famous oracle on Mount Zilmisos) and the dii (swordsmen, the most militant warriors in the army of King Sitalk, who for Thucydides were also "mahayrophores" because of the short curved knife - the Thracian scalme / sika, - which they used terribly). The stones with which they outlined the circles around the sacralized spaces of the portals for their communication have sunk over time in the grass of the huge meadow, but - remained as heroines of the already forgotten people-mediators in that historical meeting - there still flows the graceful energy of ancient sanctuaries. 

What remains is the sacred river that surrounds this sacred space to the east and southeast. Miraculously, its ancient role is documented in the name with which it has outlived even five centuries of non-religious rule over our lands - Karadja Dere, meaning: Deer River. This is how it even entered the Russian military maps. Hearing or not hearing, questioning or misunderstanding, the Turks were probably slightly misled about the patron animal of the place, because they hoped that it marked a fertile place for hunting such game. But our dedicated ancestors apparently associated the place with those deer - the messengers from heaven. Probably a similar name was given to the river, which closed the sacred territory from the west. Now it is closed for Dospat Dam, but the memory remains as soon as even the village on its shore is called Sarnitsa.

People were very impressed that the Longurs could talk to each other from distant mountain peaks. They were definitely not here and had elongated crosses, and it was there that they were very fragile, so much so that they stumbled into a blackberry or bush and died as soon as they fell. To this day, Hellenic cemeteries of huge chambers of stone are remembered in various places in Sakar Mountain, and it is claimed that in the old Rhodopean village of Solishta between today's Shiroka Laka and Gela graves up to 3-4 m long were found. It sounds amusing that in order to appease the thorns and brawls that knocked them down, they brought them fiery gifts that scattered incense, but that may have been some kind of chemical treatment or cleaning of unwanted vegetation. However, despite their fragile figures, these celestial messengers set about building megalithic joints of huge rocks, which apparently did not lift and spread on the ridge with muscular strength. The logical explanation today would be that the material form in which people perceived them did not correspond to the one convenient for the earthly world, but was their energy projection, through which they organized and directed their local "construction" activity. Probably they bequeathed to people relatively far more "sophisticated" sanctuaries of the kind near this village of Tatul, where they could so intrusively cut the rock as a truncated pyramid with a bathtub (below what could rise its top). ?), connected by a drilled channel to a second bath already in the open shell-like niche below.

Since history as a science has not yet shown the ability to understand the true role of megaliths in the spiritual development of human civilization, what would we lose if we trusted the cosmogony bequeathed to us by our perfect Bogomil ancestors? Hopefully we will get rid of our hopelessness, because I do not see what precludes God's providence with the heavenly intervention of the Longurs to rely on the exceptional properties of silicon in rocks and man to build a perfect system of communication first between them and the Universal Center for Human Impact. Readers know that due to the amazing ability of silicon to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy today, it "translates" into the microphones sound vibrations into electrical pulses, which allows their energy not only to be transmitted over long distances, but to be recorded and stored.

In many places on our lands you can see deliberately beaten stones from antiquity. They are usually kept in pairs together, arranged in a certain system, most often on a hill. As a characteristic, among them the most famous is the almost preserved (at least on the first level) cromlech near the village of Dolni Glavanak, 60 km from Kardzhali. Many researchers declare these rock formations to be ancient astronomical observatories. It is believed that the individual menhirs, from which they built such facilities, marked the directions to the horizon, where the Sun, Moon, Venus, "Dog Star" Sirius, the constellation Orion (for the Bulgarians it is Ralo / Ralitsa! ) and, probably, some more important manifestations for the ancient priests from above in the emblematic days of their movement in the firmament.

However, this seemed indisputable only until in 2002 the archaeologist Dr. Georgi Kitov excavated near the village of Staro Zhelezare in Hissar a cromlech of 24 stone pillars up to 2 meters high and 7 in diameter, which was not only not on top, but was buried. with a lot of finger to disappear (or keep its secret) forever from the eyes of future generations.

Insensitive as a stone?

Light - the purest of our known manifestations of energy in the terrestrial world - still successfully keeps scientists secret of its essence. After a long split between its manifestations, either as a collection of material particles (the way it is reflected from surfaces), or electromagnetic waves (manifestations such as its color decomposition, deviation from its rectilinear propagation when passing through a small hole or a narrow slit , of mutual amplification or attenuation until they are completely extinguished by two light waves of equal frequency), they have compromised the theory that it combines microscopic "balls" with wave effects. When they touch the silicon crystals in the rocks, the atoms on the surface begin to vibrate more and more, unlocking related processes that excite their own radiation from the stone of energy in a new set of effects. Researchers have found that this awakened radiation from the rock is very close in frequency and type to the waves emitted by the workings of our brains. And as soon as the silicon senses, hears, communicates and remembers, the person played in this direction, such as the priest, directs his brain so that the waves it emits overlap with those of the silicate structure and thus repeatedly increase the impact of the fields and from both sides.

If we ignore the scientific fantasy of archaeologists, the excavated ancient facility apparently resembles today's satellite dishes for electronic devices such as radio telescopes. And since the piezoelectric effect is also specific for silicon - an undoubted expression of hypersensitivity to external influences! - we already know what an irresponsible delusion it is that the stones are insensitive. With the known reaction of silicates to shocks (when emitting a spark) and sounds (since the crystals that pick up the sound in the microphones are silicon), didn't the dances of the synchronized players with the rhythmic hymns, the ringing of the priest's bells and the ritual actions of the initiates among such megalithic constructions excite the possibility for the stored information in the megaliths configured according to a certain scheme to "move" between people and rocks ?! Apparently we have a surviving clue to the possibility that the activities carried out by the priests among the cromlechs miraculously combined astronomical observations with activities that were later imitated, reminded, and imposed by shamanism. Therefore, without excluding the seemingly primary and generally accepted possibility of individual menhirs to mark key celestial directions, I would rather bet on the "acoustic" version that when intense sound waves from the drums were directed from the inside of the circle surrounded by them to the straight stones and the squeaky whistles, combined with the dancing of the dancers in a single beat and the skillfully modulated shouts of the ritual players, in the stone blocks shielding the perimeter were excited by reciprocal vibrations.

Ensemble performances for priest and megaliths

It is not at all fantastic that our ancient ancestors may have actually communicated with the large stones in their sanctuaries. The rhythmic hymns, vocal chants and ritual gestures of the initiates probably unlocked the possibility not only to activate the stored memory in the scales configured according to a certain scheme, but to "involve" the silicon structures in its processing by whipping up the extracted information between the clergy and their mediators. connection with the cosmic sacral transducers. Probably this knowledge has preserved the legend that under the magical music of Orpheus rocks and mountains moved.

Surviving to this day, the numerous holidays associated with the annual magical calendar of our people, speak of a deep-seated belonging of each person in society to common ritual actions, appropriate for each of the special days of the year. But the most important for the sacrament was the special ritual rhythm of the dances, from which the tradition has remained in the dizziness of intoxication that people must revolve. Once obligatory in the service were the special hymns that the participants in the rituals sang, immersed in their hypnotically affecting words. It was in his position as supreme teacher and priest that Orpheus awakened knowledge with his music, and therefore the ancients claimed that he mastered stones, rocks, plants and animals - with the special rhythm of his hymns, which people around him sang with him, he mastered them. and he opened because he knew their souls and satiated their spiritual needs by helping them to accept God into themselves.

The unconditional thing that unites the more than 3000 ancient sanctuaries that have reached us in today's Bulgarian lands is their organic connection in the natural stone structure - the cave, the rocky peak - and their derivatives. The rock sculptures, amazing assemblages of huge rocks, the carved niches in them and the cult-like caves-wombs formed as reproductive organs are natural silicate reflectors, repeaters and activity chambers, which in a way provide people with the gracious physiological and spiritual support of a parallel civilization. That is why our ancient ancestors connected this one - definitely saving for a person's life and strengthening for his soul! - a gift of nature with ... the generosity and devotion of the Mediator between the gods and humanity, Whom they therefore worshiped in their megalithic sanctuaries. It is in this process that they have definitely gained the opportunity to be "involved" in the processing and forwarding of messages to the addressees of their services. Among the huge stone joints in the sanctuaries of unknown times, our consecrated ancestors sought penetration into other worlds and otherworldly dimensions as silicon structures were "awakened" to reduce the accumulated cosmic-terrestrial energy to humans and transfer it to them through silicon receivers in humans. Both the caves with proven energy possibilities and the man-made prefabricated stone blocks have positively found application in the sacraments, with which the tangible possibilities of initiations have been developed and sharpened. The high vibrations achieved in the silicon-saturated environment have helped the mystics, including awakening "dormant" senses that serve telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, and thus activated in them the ability not only to heal with hypnosis, but also to instill magical notions in the minds of others both for themselves and for themselves ...

Whose signs are the megaliths?

Isn't it worth asking whether phenomena such as the mysterious ancient inscription above the village of Sitovo and the similar signs in it, which have reached us on other megalithic rock-cult complexes, are not related to the time when in the Rhodope area with the unambiguous name Longurlii The sons of Heaven have met with the representatives of the Thracian tribes satri, besi and dii ?! What excludes the possibility that these writings, incomprehensible to today's scientists, are not the work of our earthly ancestors, but ... codes set by their heavenly guests, as secret locks to the knowledge that can be extracted after immersion in them ?!

But the signs themselves and our reasons for considering them as hints from another civilization will be discussed in the next post, because we have to put an end to this one here.

Who drowned Atlantis?


Even the Bible says that these "sons of heaven" mated with women. Thus, from their children, they created the first human oligarchy, which taught them how to govern people and how to serve megalithic facilities as channels of connection with God. Towards the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 12th century BC. a powerful wave of earthquakes that lasted at least 50 years shook the entire Mediterranean. Geologists call it an earthquake storm, and that suits them. Historians are also pleased that they have obtained a scientific explanation for the obscure event that led to the demise of an early direction in the development of proto-European culture, commonly referred to as the Mycenaean civilization, although our lands are originally associated with it. However, I do not see what excludes the possibility that the sons of heaven have erased their auxiliary equipment, and in some places have even changed the landscape to immerse the indelible traces of their activities on Earth. This also explains the sudden sinking of the high-tech city-island of Atlantis, which they probably created in a place isolated from habitable land, as a base station for their needs during their earthly mission.

But… some guess. So we will have to continue. If you are interested, of course - the entry counter here will say…


Author: Hristo Bukovski



1.In the spacious area of Longurlii there is enough space for ports for starships

2. even an old position of a partisan camp

3.Ancient building from the Western Rhodopes in the area near Longurlia

4.Sacral sign of a Bogomil stone monument with a deer in the place of Christ on the cross

5. Deer on a golden application from the IV century BC, placed in the temple-tomb of the deified King Seuthes III in the mound Golyama Kosmatka

6.Kromleh near the village of Staro Zhelezare, which was buried