XIII International Film Festival Cultural Heritage and New Technologies RE-VISION

от: 2019-05-31 12:00    до: 2019-06- 5 12:00

The Historical Museum of Perushtitsa, the Institute of Virtual Culture and the International Foundation for Bulgarian Heritage "Professor Petar Detev" offer the project RE-VISION - a magic video rubber band, named after the happy idea of Dr. V. Vachkova, director of the museum.


How to get involved?

Welcome to the XIII International Film Festival Cultural Heritage and New Technologies "RE-VISION" Filmmakers, your films, videos or videos refute or add new meaning and new content to the objects and subjects that the festival has been dealing with for years. We invite you to participate in the 13th unique edition of your famous International Heritage Festival. We invite you to partner in the project "RE-VISION". In the application form only indicate what and where - in a book, picture, artifact, textbook, cultural monument, historical event, place, landscape… RE-VISE our previous ideas. Send us your video (film) and the chance to get among the first 12 awards RE-VISIONS is completely real.

What will we use RE-VISION for?

Lately, too many big changes are happening in our lives. Society cannot cope with the stress and discomfort they cause without the help of artists in the fields of art, science and culture. Only in this way would people feel directly and concretely, in essence. the changes.

The festival will host a free 3-day workshop where we will teach you how to create mobile applications with augmented reality. Welcome.

One example:

How to renovate interest in books? We can revise old books, keeping the valuable in them, and erase the mistakes with a mobile application called Augmented Reality. Thus, with the help of your competition works, we will create the first collection of INTERACTIVE BOOKS, which already has its own home - Dan's school in Perushtitsa. At the time of Hr. G. Danov donated the printed book to the Bulgarian people, let us donate it with the interactive book. TOGETHER IN RE-VISION!