Pictures of sound. Matinee concert for two flutes.

от: 2020-01-14 12:00    до: 2020-01-15 12:00

Irena Hristoskova and Nikolay Stoykov from the formation "Flutissimi variant" play for you.

In the program: Piazzolla, Boamortier, Beethoven, Mussorgsky, Bach, Haydn, Mozart.

On 14.01.2019 from 17.00 in the lobby of IM Perushtitsa.

Nikolay Stoykov is a young but already established professional who graduated from the Bulgarian State Conservatory and specialized for 5 years with one of the best flutists in the world - Patrick Galois in Paris. In addition to the flute, the musician plays extremely professional piano, harpsichord, cello and similar keyboard instruments. He gives concerts with multinational chamber ensembles all over Europe.


The program includes works specially created for flute duo, but also those that have been reworked and arranged for the presented composition, as the originals are familiar, eternally alive and exciting: the sonata by Beaumortier / French composer, who lived and worked in the 18th century. , became recognized and extremely rich during his lifetime /; "Siciliana" by the great baroque composer Bach. / "Siciliana" is an Italian folk dance, which the baroque artists used as a basis for the individual parts in their suites and sonatas /; a play-joke by Haydn, known for his sense of humor; piano piece "On Eliza" by Beethoven / who this year celebrates 250 years since his birth / and many others.