Perushtitsa - natural and cultural heritage

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Exhibition with posters by Spas Katev

Opening: 05. 12. 2018 from 17.00 in the Art Gallery - Danovo School - Perushtitsa.

In the days of European culture, in September 2006 the exhibition "Perushtitsa - historical and natural heritage" was officially opened, which passed with great success and attendance in the exhibition hall "Sredets" in Sofia.

In December 2006, the projects for Perushtitsa were presented at the Venice Fair of Cultural Values of the countries of Southeast Europe and the current exhibition was shown.

The authors of the photo exhibition are Ognemir Kirov - artist, Petya Marinova - journalist, Slavcho Parvanov - photographer, Spas Katev - philologist, artist and writer, author of the idea for the overall presentation of Perushtitsa and the monuments around it as an archaeological and historical complex.

The exhibition includes 23 boards that reveal the natural and cultural heritage of Perushtitsa. Namely:

- Perestitsa Fortress, located on rocky mounds and gave the name of our village

- The monastery "St.St. Tyrone and Theodore Stratilat ”- a spiritual center that preserved the Bulgarian national identity during the Ottoman yoke

- The locality "Varhovruh", which is an ideal opportunity for mountain tourism

- The Thracian tombs

- The rock formations above Perushtitsa

- "Monument to the three generations"

- One of the most remarkable monuments of early Christian culture - the Red Church

- The Church of St. Archangel Michael


"Dan's school."

- the beautiful mountain villages of Churen and Skobelevo.

The exhibition shows the beauties of our village and will awaken the desire of everyone to discover them with their eyes and heart, because Perushtitsa is a small Rhodope town that makes its name in history forever - as long as the Bulgarian state, Bulgarian identity and the pursuit of freedom.


Text: Kristina Vasileva