Exhibition of works from the fund "Art Gallery" of IM Perushtitsa

от: 2019-04-15 12:00    до: 2019-05-15 12:00

The exhibition consists of works created in the period 2014 - 2019, whose authors have participated in joint or solo exhibitions in the gallery of the Historical Museum - Perushtitsa.

The variety of genres and pictorial techniques gives the audience the opportunity to get acquainted with contemporary Bulgarian art. Painting predominates - watercolor, oil, acrylic or mixed media, but the exhibition also includes graphics, photographs, icons and the little-known in our country computer-generated printing. Portrait, multi-figure composition, landscape or still life - each author expresses his own worldview with the help of images.

The exhibition features styles such as abstractionism, naivety, impressionism, expressionism, realism, symbolism.

With its emphasized professional character, this colorful exposition complements the visual vocabulary of the visitors and introduces them to the art of established Bulgarian artists: Vihra Grigorova, Nikola Dikov, Svetlozar Chavdarov, Todor Dryankov, Yordan Velchev, Emil Markov, Evgenia Panchova, Nedelcho Hazarbasa Vladova, Alexander Chavdarov, Violeta Troanska, Georgi Uzunov, Svetlin Nikolov, Konstantin Petrov, Denitsa Chavdarova, Eli Stancheva, Emilia Arabadjieva, Keti Georgieva, Angel Kitipov.