A new episode of the CINEMA IN THE MUSEUM series

от: 2019-04-30 17:00    до: 2019-05- 1 12:00

In the next episode we will show a foreign film dedicated to the great artist Vincent Van Gogh.

The Chinese film "Vincent" by directors Huong Ouchul and Wen-Shing Ho will be screened on April 30, 2019 at 5:00 pm in the lobby of the Historical Museum - Perushtitsa. The film is from the collection of the International Foundation for Bulgarian Heritage "Professor Petar Detev", which holds international film festivals for cultural heritage and music films.

Vincent is a short film in the genre of "alternative cinema". He recreates the life of Vincent van Gogh, but as a contemporary artist of the 21st century. His muse, his brother Theo as a benefactor, the successful Gauguin, the outdoor painting (not in a studio), and of course the episode with the severed ear are present. But the most important thing is the presented philosophy of the genius artist, which remains misunderstood and rejected by society - WITHOUT THE ILLUSION REALITY WILL DISAPPEAR.

The Chinese film "Vincent" by directors Huong Ouchul and Wen-Shing Ho won First Prize in the "Experiment" category at the IX International Heritage Film Festival "Idols" 2016.

"Director Huong Ouchul and I (director Wen-Shing Ho) have the ambition to make a series of films to document the Art History of our century with a focus on Asia. The scripts of our stories are actually real events. We turned them around. in cinema through an in-depth study of human behavior. "