Mysteries of the Thracians "warmed up" the citizens of Sofia for Midsummer's Day

The mysteries of the Thracians gathered every evening from 9 pm the enthusiastic fans of history and art in a theatrical space near the covered saved ruins from Serdika to the metro station "Serdika". The script of the production was written by Hristo Bukovski, and the producer Dimitar Kabakov hired the choreographer Svetlin Ivelinov to direct it. Thus was born an entirely dance performance, in which the male military and "wolf" performances, which necessarily accompanied them at the time, stand out.

In the realization of the performance, however, the requirement to differentiate the rituals in the ancient sacramental sacraments by emphasizing their cosmic connection with the stellar configurations during the emblematic solar positions at Christmas, on Blagovets, before Midsummer's Day and during Midsummer's Day has been dropped. the autumnal equinox. Thus, for many of those unfamiliar with the essence of the mysteries, they merge, despite the "hint" with the recited poetic texts written for this purpose by Dimitar Kabakov.

In any case, this staging is a definite breakthrough in the trivial practice of the hitherto reproduced "Thracian mysteries" with barefoot girls dancing in white nightgowns next to men pouring wine and waving torches „