Exhibition of photography by Emilia Kehaiova

от: 2022-03- 7 12:00    до: 2022-04-10 12:00

On 03/07/2022 at 5:30 p.m. in the Picture Gallery - Danovo School - Peruštitsa, an exhibition of photography by Emilia Kehaiova will be opened.


"I love any kind of art that fits my understanding of life.


Many years ago photography found me on a bus - there was a plein air and I was surrounded by people with cameras. Then I discovered the magic of photography. And so to this day... I keep looking for the imperceptible beauty of the world. I choose nature, flowers and everything that arouses my curiosity.


I like my perspective to be the macro. I avoid panoramas, I lose detail. When I worked in a photo studio I took portraits. I think everyone has a beautiful moment if they decide to give it to you. I love spontaneous portraits with some unusual light. I'm always processing the shot, it's rarely perfect. Even the worst photo, when formatted, becomes good. I also use a few Photoshop features, but I don't like unrealistic photos. In the past, photography was associated with the purchase of a lot of equipment and consumables, but gradually mobile photography gives you the opportunity to quickly, easily and pleasantly capture what you see.


Light is everything in photography. She makes the world visible and creates moods and wonderful colors." Emilia Kehaiova


Emilia Kehaiova has been professionally engaged in photography for years, which is evident in her attitude towards nature and the reality around us. The photos are processed precisely and with the flair of an artist who knows the aerial perspective and knows how to use it.

The exhibition presents original works of color photography. In the images, texture and plasticity of the form are sought, as well as an original point of view when photographing the objects. The author's penchant for macro photography, which "avoids panoramas because the detail is lost," is striking. Nature is turned into abstraction in some of the compositions, proving that photography could serve as a starting point for creating works of fine art.