Sketches and drawings for the monumental work "The Defense of Perushtitsa" by artist Dobri Dobrev

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The painting "The Defense of Perushtitsa" by Prof. Dobri Dobrev is part of the historical memory of the heroic Perushtitsa. The work presents the dramatic events of the last day of the April Uprising in Perushtitsa - April 27, 1876, when in the church "St. Archangel Michael "32 devoted men, women and children freed the angelic spirit from their bodies in order to be saved from defilement if the non-believers subjected them to perversions.

In order to be able to reproduce as faithfully as possible the characteristic features of the people of Perushtitsa, Dobri Dobrev lived for several months in Perushtitsa. He takes the individual types very seriously, distinguishing two opposing groups. It unequivocally separates rapists and rapists and leaves no room for doubt in the distribution of roles in the depicted scene. In the many sketches with pencil, charcoal and chalk, as well as colorful sketches of architectural details and church utensils, preliminary drawings and oil sketches, the artist explores every detail to build his future painting. It depicts with documentary authenticity the interior of the church, clothes, accessories and weapons from the uprising era. Most of the drawings of faces and figures, characters from the region, become the basis of the characters recreated in the composition.




All accompanying sketches, drawings and oil sketches for the monumental work "The Defense of Perushtitsa" were donated by the artist Dobri Dobrev to the Perushtitsa Museum.