"Forward-backward" - an exhibition of photographs by Nedelcho Hazarbasanov

от: 2018-08- 6 12:00    до: 2018-09- 2 12:00

An exhibition of photographs by Nedelcho Hazarbasanov will be opened on August 6, 2018 in the Art Gallery - Danovo School in Perushtitsa. The exhibition will last until September 2, 2018.


"Back and forth" is a project for street life. Captured moments of everyday life on the sidewalks - in its most ornate form. This topic is almost as old as photography, but remains relevant to this day. Every day, going out, a person is exposed to countless situations that remain where they happened. If the observer goes unnoticed, he sees the essence of the incident - the sincerity that most save from shame or vanity.

The photos were taken on tape, hand-developed and copied in the classic black and white process.


Nedelcho Hazarbasanov graduated in "Photography" at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts "Krastyo Sarafov" in 2012. Together with colleagues from the academy they are called "ASMA" (Association of Self-Motivated Artists - www.weareasma.com) and currently works as a photographer and freelance cameraman. He shoots reports, music videos, commercials, short films. He loves to travel.