Exhibition "The Temple of the Soul"

от: 2018-02- 9 12:00    до: 2018-03- 9 12:00

Art Gallery - Danov School - Perushtitsa invites you to the exhibition "The Temple of the Soul" by artist Violeta Troanska.

opening: February 9, 2018 at 5.30 pm in the Art Gallery - Danovo School - Perushtitsa.

Violeta Troanska is a painter who worked for many years in Germany and France. The ability to view "live" the works of great artists has played a significant role in the development of the author, allowing her to learn more essential principles of formation and color without copying them. She creates her own pictorial manner, which cannot be compared to another, especially to an established one.

The focus on the spiritual side of being and its intangible manifestation is typical of Trojan art. With a harmonious color scheme, mainly in the cold spectrum and the use of white color in the transmission of light, her paintings are considered without being sweet-emotional. The aggressive note typical for our epoch is missing, both in the plot and in the composition.

It will be a pleasure for the viewer to immerse themselves in the calm, imaginative world of Violeta Troanska.