Exhibition of works, donated by NHG "Tsanko Lavrenov", Plovdiv

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The National Art High School is named after the famous Plovdiv artist Tsanko Lavrenov. Its main goal is to preserve and enrich national traditions in the field of fine arts and design. The high school was established in 1976 as a high school of fine arts. Creating an art school in Plovdiv has long been a dream of many Plovdiv artists such as Zlatyo Boyadzhiev, Ioan Leviev, Dimitar Kirov, Georgi Bozhilov, Hristo Stefanov, Lyubomir Samardzhiev, Olga Nazdracheva.

Exhibition of works, donated by NHG "Tsanko Lavrenov", Plovdiv. His students are the youngest sprouts and successors of the cultural heritage created by prominent Bulgarian artists who lived in the unique atmosphere of the city on the seven hills. By searching for and discovering talented children from all over the country, the school strives to develop their individual artistic pursuits, which are based on the accumulated artistic experience over the centuries.


NHG "Tsanko Lavrenov" follows the model of classical art schools to develop good knowledge and skills in seven specialties: painting, graphics, sculpture, icon painting, murals, advertising graphics and spatial design.

The exhibition of works by future artists from the art fund of the Tsanko Lavrenov National Art High School in Plovdiv contains 30 works. Painted since the beginning of its creation, the paintings present a unique history of its development over the years. The change in the styles, the compositional decisions, the preferences in the colorful construction, as well as the professional skills of the students follow the construction of the creative personalities.