Exhibition of graphics by the folk artist Hristo Neykov

от: 2018-05- 4 12:00    до: 2018-06- 1 12:00

Opening on 05.05.2018 at 11.00 in the art gallery - Danovo school in Perushtitsa


The exhibition consists of several cycles of works dedicated to the Bulgarian Revival, the life of our people during the Turkish slavery and the April Uprising.


Many of the author's works are donated to the Historical Museum in Perushtitsa by the author's son - the sculptor Neiko Neikov, to whom we express our deep gratitude.

The People's Artist Hristo Neykov (October 23, 1929 - 1999) was born in Sofia. He graduated in illustration from the Academy of Arts under Iliya Beshkov. In 1960 he became a member of the Management Board of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, in 1970 its deputy chairman, and in 1985 - chairman. He was repeatedly elected chairman of the "Graphics" section. He works in the field of easel graphics, and his favorite techniques are lithography, etching, chalk drawing and ink. He also paints with oil paints or watercolors. Illustrates many books. He is the winner of the UBA award for illustration, the Iliya Beshkov award for caricature. Hristo Neykov is the nephew of the painter Dechko Uzunov, brother of the artist Atanas Neykov and husband of the artist Zlatka Dabova.

The exhibition will be open to visitors until 31.05.2018.