Ex-libris exhibition

от: 2020-06- 1 12:00    до: 2020-06-30 12:00

An exhibition of selected works from the third edition of the International Ex Libris Competition Varna 2018, organized by Art Gallery Largo is presented at the Art Gallery - Danovo School - Perushtitsa from June 1, 2020. Those interested can enjoy the rich and well-chosen ex-libris collection.

lat. ex libris- “from the books of…” is a book sign, format 50x70 mm, artistically executed with graphic methods for engraving metal, wood, lithography, which is placed on the inside of the cover or title page, showing whose the book is owned. Ex-libris is a graphic genre. In addition to the title "Ex libris" and the name of the owner of the book, the field of the bookplate is decorated with a drawing with various themes - heraldic motifs, coat of arms or a symbolic image that suggests the profession and interests of the book owner. The first bookplate dates from the time of Pharaoh Amenhotep III (1400 BC), whose text is written in hieroglyphs on earthenware.

The third edition of the Biennale was dedicated to classical graphic techniques. 770 works by 313 authors from 38 countries took part. In the top three of the countries with the most participating artists were Russia - with 42, China and Turkey with 31. Ex-libris from 25 artists were received from Bulgaria. There were many artists - world-renowned names in the field of small graphics and bookplates, who send their works to participate for the first time, which shows that the International Bookplate Competition Varna is gaining popularity and is established as a significant and important event in the calendar. competitions of this kind in the world.

Winner of the First Prize in the competition is the world name in the field of bookplates, Ukrainian artist Oleg Denisenko. The jury awarded the second prize to Günther Huber from the Czech Republic, and the third prize of the Istanbul Ex Libris Society without hesitation was awarded to the famous Bulgarian graphic artist Rumen Nechev. The award for young author goes to China with 23-year-old Zintin Li. The Association of Artists - Varna awarded its prize - a plaque and diploma of Konstantin Kalinovich from Ukraine. For the second time, the Jury Prize was awarded - the ex-libris of the competition specially created by Dimo Milanov and its winner is Ausra Kapskite from Lithuania.